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Looking for effective, fresh, environmentally conscious and vegan products?


For years various companies gave me the doorknob and each one was waiting for me with their supposed miracle cure.

The spectrum ranged from various dietary supplements to shakes, bars, drinks, creams and so on and so forth. All of them were of course touted as the newest and best products on the market that I should sell as a nutritionist and trainer. If I opened the page with the ingredients, it became clear to me without exception: "I cannot reconcile that with my knowledge and conscience."

I wanted to be able to offer products that, if possible, are sustainably produced in Austria, that are fresh and contemporary, that contain no artificial additives and that do not involve animal testing. I wanted to be part of a modern company that manufactures nutritional supplements for what they are. Namely a supplement to a healthy and balanced diet. So in different phases of life, support the body and not burden it with over-supplementation or even endanger it or are simply not effective at all. And a company that does not exploit producers for ingredients that we cannot manufacture.

Finding such a company and products not only sounds difficult, it was also a difficult undertaking.

So I'm all the happier to have actually found it!

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